That’s What She Said Sunday


Anyone else spend their weekend watching as much Harry Potter as possible?! Sadly I don’t have cable, but we own all the movies so I can pretend I’m watching along with the rest of the world and use cool hashtags…

I love Neville and Luna! Seeing their characters grow and become bad asses was awesome! I remember fist pumping and cheering for Neville in the last movie. Yeah I was that girl standing in the theater….

What is your favorite Harry Potter moment?


  1. says

    Haha, OMG that image of Nevillution — very funny! :P

    I actually didn’t watch the HP this weekend but I have been dying to have a HP movie marathon with my husband…so far, hasn’t happened. :( Hopefully soon!

    My favorite HP moment was probably when I visited the Wizarding World of HP! :)


    • shawnajereemiller says

      SOooo Lucky! We really want to go, but we want to wait a few years so Amelia will be big enough to have fun too and hopefully remember how awesome it is! We are always up for a HP marathon, especially in the fall. I hope you get to have a HP marathon soon!

  2. says

    I don’t think I could pick a favorite HP moment – too many! In terms of the books, Goblet of Fire is my absolute favorite. As for movies? I love watching the whole series, and as you said, watching everyone grow (literally!).

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