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It’s crazy how I used to read so many blogs I couldn’t keep up, and then I just sort of stopped. Now a days I follow a select few, but I tend to just read posts from people I follow on Twitter when they share a link that sounds interesting to me. Here are a few of my favorites right now:

Nerdburger Easily one of the cutest people on the planet. I’m pretty sure we’d be BFF’s in real life!

Hello Martian Girl This is my newest awesomely geeky blog find! I’m still combing through, but I love everything so far!

xo Mia I love how original her blog is! I don’t do cosplay, but I love learning about it and seeing all her rad cosplay designs! She also radiates positivity and self love!

IGGPPC Love love this blog and the variety of posts. I always learn something new and I hope one day I’m rad enough to contribute!

CakeSpy Recipes, cute illustrations, and tips for arty people like me! I could spend hours reading through the archives!

Do you have any favorite blogs? Leave a comment I’d love to check them out! xo


    • shawnajereemiller says

      I love and read all of those blogs too! I’m trying to get better at commenting on blogs again….I’m usually on my phone and it always gives me issues >_<

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