I’ve closed my shop for the holidays and I’ve been going back and forth on a re-brand(as in completely new name). I have this weird thing where I like and sometimes need change. But more on that later when I’ve come up with something more concrete.

Here are a few snapshots from our week of coffee, cleaning, and general mayhem.





1. Birthday cake for a friend.
2. The yummiest coffee ever.
3. Cute brooch made by And Smile
4. How Amelia helps me clean her room.

December Wishlist

Happy December! This month has been super crazy busy. We have several birthdays this month (including mine and Amelia’s) on top Christmas celebrations. I can never think of anything I want (except for a dryer) when people ask me. Making these little monthly wishlists has helped me keep track of things I like and then I can just send the link to my husband. But seriously I am super easy to shop for because I like anything cute or with Hello Kitty on it…easy…

dec wishlist

1. Dolly Parton Nail Decals from Emerging Thoughts. I almost bought a bunch of these during their Buy 3 Get one Free sale on black friday….I might just buy a bunch and give them to my friends (or keep them for me).

2. Lumberjanes Comic. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this comic and it sounds like one I would really enjoy! Thanks Cazz for making me want it!

3. Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I love her and I want to read her book.

4. Rebel Bobbi Pin from I love everything from this kawaii shop!

5. I’d Rather Live in a Wes Anderson Film Brooch from Peace and Paisley. I just watched Moonrise Kingdom and now I’m obsessed….

6. Rock n Roll red by Manic Panic. I think I’m going to alternate this with the red dye I used on my hair since it doesn’t have the harsh chemicals. I’m not sure what the color will turn out to be, but it should be a fun red either way.

7. Hello Kitty Headphones (or any cute ones.) I just googled HK headphones and there are a ton, but I’m looking for a good set that aren’t ear buds. My daughter kinda destroyed my WESC headphones so…..

What’s on your wishlist?

SG November + December Sponsors

Wow! Where did November go? It’s already the second week of December and I’m only spazzing a tiny bit (ok, maybe a lot). I just want to thank all my sponsors for being super patient during this busy season! Check them out and give them some love! Happy Christmas!


kacie pic

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 Writing – Geekery – Life. I enjoy writing about snail mail, things and people that inspire me, and my love for writing, literature and words in general. I post things like book reviews, how-to posts, and the occasional ramble.

 What are you thankful for this year?

I’m thankful for how much creative energy I’ve had to burn this year. I’m also thankful for my blog which will be a year old in December:) And I am most definitely thankful for the IGGPPC community for being incredibly awesome and never faltering from that :)




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As a child, whenever I had a nightmare, monsters would come in and save the day. Scary things that most children feared were dwelling in their closets and under their beds were the heroes of my dreams. Then, after said dreams, my mother would stitch these monsters into plush toys for me (Falcor from Never Ending Story and Stinky the cyclops were my two favorites). Eventually she taught me how to sew, my first plush toy was a ballerina named Sophie. The rest is history.
Nothing brings me as much joy as conceiving a fun monster in my mind, and stitching it to life with nothing but some fabric, needle, thread, and a whole lot of imagination! More so, I love when these monsters are adopted and go to loving, forever homes. Some lovely customers are even kind enough to send me updates and pictures of how the monsters are adapting. Those customers are the best!

What are you thankful for this year?

I am blessed to have the ability to work doing what I love, be creative in every corner of my life, and I am so so thankful for all of the people who have supported me throughout the years and made my dream a reality. Thank you, each and every one of you wonderful people, world wide!
Also super thankful for my boyfriend, and our two furry “children”. My life would be very empty without them.



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Violet’s Buds is the place for handmade accessories for you and your little flower. I create hair accessories for all ages, plus special occasion pieces for weddings, prom, new moms, and maternity sashes upon request.  Recently, I’ve added a line of handmade hoop art. I love turning fabric flowers into home decor!

Violet’s Buds items are unique in that the majority of the fabrics used are either remnants, or are upcycled from clothing & linens. Beads, pendants, & buttons in Violet’s Buds accessories and art come from old & sometimes broken costume jewelry, old clothing, or scouted out at flea markets.

Melanie also takes all of my amazing product photos and gives amazing photography tips on Daft Crafts!

What are you thankful for this year?

I’m incredibly thankful for the amazing friendships I’ve formed through crafting. Not only do I have great online maker friends, I’ve made local friendships that i will cherish forever!

Cyber Monday


I hope everyone had a great holiday! Today it’s cold and the perfect day to snuggle with a warm drink and do some online Christmas shopping.


50+ stores (including mine) are offering 30% off your whole purchase until midnight tonight. Just use the code STORENVYFLASH30 at checkout.


I only have a limited number of everything in the shop and the shop will be closing on the 11th for the holidays. I’m working on a rebrand right now for the new year and I’m excited about the upcoming changes. Sign up for my newsletter to know when the shop will reopen.

Happy Holidays! Have you finished your shopping yet? I’m just starting. >_< Thank you to everyone who shops small this holidays season!

Making Cute Things & Drinking Coffee


My phone being smashed was a blessing. Of course at first I didn’t think so. I felt just as crushed as the screen on that little device that is my constant companion. I just kept thinking, “how am I going to get any work done?!”

Of course we have a computer, but with a toddler it’s hard to be on it unless she’s sleeping (which rarely happens).

So what did I do with no phone? I read a business book, I went on walks with my daughter, I cleaned, I made cute stuff.

I didn’t miss the constant beeps of notifications or feeling the need to constantly check Twitter or Facebook. I did find myself often thinking, “I should tweet this…or that.” Which got me thinking, WHY? And why does anyone care that I’m drinking coffee or watching Moonrise Kingdom? Why do I feel the need to share weird mundane things on the Internet?

My husband brought up a great point (and let it be noted he is not into social media), that all that time wasted on social media could be used to actually create. That all of my time was going into trying to make connections and market and promote that I was not creating and feeling frustrated.

I understand that doing all those social media things are important to online business these days, but it’s sucking the fun out of making art for me. So I did something crazy and decided not to put Facebook or Twitter on my new phone.

So you may not see me online as much, but just know that I’m making cute things and probably drinking coffee.

Do you feel burdened by social media? Do you think an online business can survive without constantly promoting on social media?

Wishful Weekend Plans

As a stay at home mom, I am literally stuck at home. We only have one car right now, which my husband takes to work and on occasion I start getting cabin fever. When the weekend hits I want to do ALL the things! I know it’s ONLY Thursday, but I’ve already made some plans to make our weekend bursting with fun!

1. Go to Holiday Happening I really don’t know exactly what it is…I know Santa is there and there’s shopping (I am hoping craft fair style). Apparently, it’s a big deal around here and started on Wednesday. I want to check it out and if it is a place to sell some handmade goodies, I’m putting it on the list to apply to next year. One of my big goals for Scrawny Girl, is craft shows and cons….not sure how to make that happen, but I think going to a few will give me a better idea.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.40.10 PMSource: popoportraits

2. I want to go thrifting! I always want to go thrifting!! I am always on the look out for Dolly Parton coffee mugs + shirts with cats on them…and other tacky things. I normally jut hit up our local Savers since it’s the closest to my house and has the least funky smell. >_<

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.45.18 PM

3. Watch Moonrise Kingdom I still haven’t seen this! So maybe we can fit it in with a bit of popcorn + cocoa + knitting (I like to knit when it gets cold. I’ve been working on the same baby blanket for almost 3 years.).

4. Decorate for Christmas We’ve had our tree up for over a week, since we bought it. I need to see what I have and what I need to get. A must on my list is shatterproof ornaments. Hopefully this tree will withstand hurricane Amelia this year!

What are your fun weekend plans? Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? What did you think?

Sweater Weather

It actually snowed here yesterday, which is almost unbelievable because it was 70 degrees the day before. West Texas weather is so strange and unpredictable! I love cozy sweaters and decided I’d share a few of my favorites from Modcloth. (PS this is NOT a sponsored post. Modcloth had a great app + cute stuff. If I had all the money in the world I would just buy stuff from there all day.)

sweater weather

I  have the craziest addiction to ugly Christmas sweaters, I used to have a ton of them! I need to hit up the thrift store and see if I can find any before the sororities and fraternities have their Ugly Sweater Christmas parties which makes it hard to get all the fab sweaters. I also like anything Hello Kitty (or with cats on it) and tend to shop in the little girls section at Target for cute Hello Kitty stuff!

What kind of sweaters make you feel cozy?


That’s What She Said Sunday


In light of celebrating my first year as a small business owner, I have been reflecting on the ups and downs, high and lows, and the future of Scrawny Girl.

I’m excited for my Christmas break (the shop is closing on Dec 11th!). I ordered a book to help me make a business plan and I’ve been making big plans and goals the past few days. My emotions about Scrawny Girl have been all over the place. Today I woke up feeling good about my recent decisions. I will be sharing them as the time comes and I hope you all will be just as excited as I am.

One thing I will spill the beans about today, is my stickers in their current form will be going away. My arthritis has gotten so bad that it’s getting harder to cut them out and health wise this is the best thing I can do. I will be offering what I have in stock and when they are sold out they will be gone.

I will continue doing sticker club, so subscribers don’t fret. :) I’m currently working on new ways to make stickers because I really enjoy making them and want to continue to do so.

Look forward to cute stuff in the New Year! Also, today is the last day to save 40% in my Storenvy shop with the code ENVY1 to celebrate my Envyversary!

Thank you all for your love and support the past year! I appreciate every single comment, purchase, picture, and smile!

5 Fandom Friday: Smartphone Apps I Can’t Live Without


I feel like I use an app for everything these days, and there are plenty I can live without (cough Facebook cough). Here are a few that make my days a little easier, more fun, and cuter.


1. TsumTsum

I am totally addicted to this cute game! I love it and Amelia loves it, which means she uses all my hearts and likes the music lol. My user name is cupquake03 if you want to be friends.


2. Roku
Sadly our Roku remote is missing. I’ve looked everywhere. Thankfully there’s an app so we can still watch Curious George and I can get my anime fix with the Funimation channel.


3. Kindle
I like to read, but sadly my toddler likes to tear up books. Also having a portable device with books on it is great when you’re in a place with no Internet.


4. Sell on Etsy (and the Etsy app)
I run my little handmade empire basically from my phone since my laptop died and my toddler thinks the computer is only for playing My Little Pony episodes. Also don’t get me started on Amelia and chairs + desks.

I just started selling on Etsy and my life will get a million times easier when Storenvy gets an app. I love the ease of Etsy’s apps and I can’t wait to use the new card reader when I start doing shows next year.


5. Instagram
This by far one of my favorite apps and I would pick it over twitter and Facebook any day. I get sucked in daily looking at so many beautiful and inspirational pictures. You can follow me @scrawnygirlshop

What are your favorite apps?

Ps this post was done through the WordPress app

SG Shop Update: Christmas Cuties + All The Sales!

Yesterday I updated both of my shops (here + here) with plenty of kawaii brooches, earrings, and my new mini sticker pack!

scrawnygirl product pics Nov (2)

I’ve been super excited about Christmas! So excited that I made a Santa brooch with matching earrings!

scrawnygirl product pics Nov (5)

I’ve been working on stock for the shops and a few things I haven’t shared too much about yet (like hoop art + ornaments). Hopefully I will get them done in time for the big Cyber Monday sale!


There are 50+ store participating and you can check out the full list of shops here. These shops are only on Storenvy and the discount code will only work in my Storenvy shop. On Monday December 1st starting at midnight est you can use the code StorenvyFlash30 to save 30% off your entire purchase. Sadly I will not be able to have my sticker club as part of this promotion and it will be removed from the shop for the day.

sg holiday adIf you would prefer to get your holiday shopping done a bit early, I am currently offering 20% off in my Etsy shop as part of The Indie A-List gift guide. Use the code ALISTHOLIDAY14 to save and make sure to check out the other shops offering discounts in the gift guide!


Here is just a reminder about holiday shipping cut offs in order to get your SG goodies by Christmas! (I can not pinky promise they will get there once they leave my hands, that is left in the fate of the USPS, but I will ship everything out immediately and send you your tracking number so you can stalk your packages! xo)

I will be closing up shop on DEC 11th in order to enjoy the holiday season with my family and celebrate Amelia’s 2nd birthday!

To get a heads up on when I will be reopening, subscribe to my newsletter + follow me on social media for all the updates!

If you made it this far, you rock! My 1 year Envyversary is this weekend so stay tuned for a giveaway! xo